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Expertise from the Oxbridge students of today, helping you to become the Oxbridge students of tomorrow

Online courses

Specially designed and delivered by us, our courses contain the most important information, tips and tricks, for all stages of your application

1-1 Tuition

Our tutors are all students or graduates of the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge, ready to help with GCSEs, A-levels, entrance exams and beyond

Oxbridge and Medical School

Make every part of your application stand out, including supra-curricular activities, personal statements, interviews and more

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With you every step of the way towards the top exam grades and competitive University places, especially at Oxbridge or medical school

Oxbridge Medics provides bespoke mentoring, courses and resources for GCSE, A-level and University Applicants. Find out how we can help you achieve your educational aspirations below:


The academic rigour of Oxbridge, delivered by those with first-hand experience 

We’re Anthony and Macky, and we’re The Oxbridge Medics! We were once school students like you, and going to Oxbridge was a pipe dream. However, we managed to turn this into reality, and now we're here to help you do the same! All our services are designed, created and checked personally by us, and with more than 10 years combined experience and continuing academic success behind us, we’d like to think we know what we’re doing!

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