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Available courses

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Courses we offer

Are you a school, college or other organisation and would like us to deliver a custom talk? Have ideas of other areas you would like covered? Get in touch with us today!

University Applications

These talks give an overview of the application process, and are a great starting point if you are considering of applying to study Medicine and/or at Oxbridge

Oxbridge and Medicine Interviews

Using real Oxbridge and medicine interview material, we will go through the styles and types of questions that could be asked, and how to go about answering them

Personal statements

We will go through different ways to structure your personal statement, how to make it as concise and effective as possible, and the common pitfalls to avoid

Supra-curricular Activities

These talks will help you really show a passion for your subject, providing extension material and giving suggestions of what you can be doing to stand out from the crowd

Entrance Exams (inc. UCAT & BMAT)

We will analyse each section of the exam, going through tips and tricks that you can employ to get the best possible mark

Work experience in medicine

We will go through the types of work experience you can do, how to go about obtaining it, and how to make the most of your time

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